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Matthew Hartz - Sr. Director

Watch Matthew describe how he received (6) six competitive offers resulting in him DOUBLING his compensation while advancing his career.

Marie Gregoire - Sr. Agile Project Manager

Watch Marie describe how she used the lessons the night before her interview to land her dream job as her final role. 

Nicholas Jackson - Executive Director

Watch the video where Nick talks about his experience in coaching helping him land an F500 Executive level role and 30% salary increase.

Emer Zapanta - Cybersecurity Analyst

Watch Emer’s inspiring story going from being unemployed for 6+ months facing rejection to landing a role within 3 weeks!

Mike DeGroot - Partner

Watch Mike describe his experience going through his package and immediately seeing the result of more interviews and offers!

Josh - Career Launch University

Watch Josh describe how his university did not prepare him to successfully land a role that changed quickly after his course.

Tammy - Parent Career Launch University

Watch Tammy talk about how her son transformed through his course and smiled for the first time in almost two years.

Mark Linton - Sr. Manager

Watch Mark share his story of how he increased his salary by 30% and had a significant sign-on bonus from getting multiple offers.

MaryBeth Finney - Sr. Manager

Watch how MaryBeth describes her coaching experience that resulted in her increasing her base compensation by 37.5% and bonus eligible.

Nick Rich - AWS Cloud Engineer

Watch Nick talk about how he leveraged the secrets in the course to land a role at Amazon that increased his compensation by 400%!

Nathan Nellans - Cloud Architect

Watch how Nathan describes his experience from being unemployed and struggling to landing his dream job.

Tammy Fisher - Agile Practice Lead

Watch the video on Tammy’s coaching experience led her to get a higher level role and increase her income by 33%.

Ben Ravenscroft - Global Product Manager

Watch Ben describe how coaching helped him quickly secure multiple offers after being with the same organization for 16 years after college.

Ashley - Career Launch University

Watch Ashley describe how the course helped her through her job search by providing the tools and techniques to differentiate.

Jay - Parent Career Launch University

Watch Jay describe the immediate and significant changes in his son when talking his Career Launch University course. 

Your Name - Your Dream Job Title

We look forward to earning your testimonial by helping you achieve the career of your dreams! 

Additional Client Success Stories

Ramona O.

Executive Consultant

Ramona secured a long-term contract launching her consulting business.

“I was introduced to Nick Henning by an accomplished trusted friend. She told me how Nick successfully coached her through the interview and hiring process with an organization that is in rhythm with her personal and professional goals.  Nick provided me with tips, tools, techniques, and—most importantly—good counsel. The process helped lay the foundation for the decision to launch my own consulting business. The investment I made in retaining Nick as a career coach was money well spent.”

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