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The Long-Term Impact On Their Income Can Be Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

They'll Discover The SECRETS TO SUCCESS With An Easy To Implement Step-By-Step Course That Guides Them Through Their Entire Job Search

The Job Search Mindset

Get & Stay Motivated

By learning how to establish excellent habits and positive self-talk to boost motivation. Plus emotional intelligence to properly frame challenges and the grit to overcome failure by bouncing back more determined then ever.

Professional Branding

secure More Interviews

By learning how to build Applicant Track System compliant and keyword-rich cover letters, resume, and a LinkedIn Profile that attracts employers. Plus how to build a network effectively and get referred to more opportunities.

Interview Preparation

Be Comfortable & Confident

By learning the critical research prior to an interview that needs to be done before each and every time. Know precisely how to prepare themselves for any interview setting whether that's Phone, Video, or On-site.

Interviewing Skills

Get More Offers faster

By learning to interview with confidence, sell themselves, provide concise answers, tell captivating stories, and leverage body language. Then close the interview leave a lasting positive impression.

The Course REVEALS Insights Gained From 15+ Years Of Experience

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Approach Matters

The modern job search is much more complex and difficult than just a couple of years ago especially during these difficult times. The courses provide them with a clear step-by-step roadmap of exactly how to be successful and land their job quickly.


Why, How, and What

All the lessons help them clearly understand the importance of implementing the techniques. Also, they'll have blueprints, checklists, and templates for each step in the process. Purposefully, designed to guide them through the entire job search.


Time Tested Techniques

They'll be able to use proven techniques to improve their interview skills. Also, the courses are regularly updated with the latest techniques and tools. It provides the specific numbers of repetitions they need to be successful while searching.


Questions Answered

They'll be able to have 1-on-1 coaching, join our private LinkedIn Group, and participate in weekly zoom calls to get their most burning job search questions answered. Plus, we'll leverage the power of social media to expedite their exposure to opportunities.

They'll Know The Best Answers For Common Interview Questions

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They'll Learn Wherever & Whenever They Want
Getting Decades Of Knowledge In A Few Hours

Students and Recent Graduates VIP Course Outline


The Job Search Mindset

Professional Branding

Interview Preparation

Interviewing Skills

+  Additional Bonus Lesson & Materials


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They'll Get MOTIVATED & CONFIDENT Immediately To Go After & SECURE THE ROLE Much Faster!

The Reasons Why The Courses Are MAGIC & EXPIDITE SUCCESS!

The BEST-IN-CLASS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Compliance
& Keyword Building Tool

We’ve all heard of the dreaded ATS’s that create a wall prevent us from securing interviews.

Now your loved one will have the way directly through them!


How to Guides


To do’s 


They Don’t start from Scratch

Help Them Get The RESULTS
They Deserve NOW!

What Members Say About The Course

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What Other Students & Graduates Have To Say

Recent Success Stories

Nick R. - Infrastructure Engineer

Nick enrolled in the VIP Course and leveraged his 1-on-1 sessions before his interviews and landed a technology role with Amazon!

Josh O. - Media and Marketing Specialist

Josh searched on his own for 10 months without success because of the resume the Career Services department at his university recommended he use was not ATS compliant. He enrolled in the VIP course and landed his role within 7 weeks.

They'll Get The Exact Same PROVEN TECHNIQUES
That 1-on-1 Coaching Clients Pay $7,500-$10,000

Class of 2021 Pandemic discount offer expires soon

*Bonus: First 50 VIP Get Lifetime Membership To All Courses
0 % Careers Launched!
Every VIP Course Member who finished the course and prescribed steps landed a role within two months of completion.


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The Essentials 


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Best Selling 


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Limited Number available (Only 7 Left)

Money-Back Guarantee

They’ll get to try the Career Launch University Students and Recent Graduates Course for a full 30 days.  

If their not happy with the program, email info(at)henningcoaching(dot)com and we’ll issue a refund.  

Guarantee restrictions do apply for add-on and personalized services such as resume reviews, coaching sessions, group webinars, and email access.


Instructor: Nick Henning

15+ years experience • 10,000+ interviews • 1,200+ placements • $35M successfully negotiated salaries

As your loved ones career coach, I promise to provide them fastest and easiest proven solutions to help them  create effective professional branding to secure more interviews, interview with confidence to get offers faster, and launch their career!

Frequently Asked Questions


Like any great investment, the course provides continued returns with time-tested methods and techniques that they’ll use not only to land their role but continue to leverage throughout the rest of their career.

So your return on investment (ROI) will be significant!

The difference between an entry level role that pays $35,000 versus $45,000 is $10k.

However, if miss out on earning that additional $10k that adds up $100k over a ten-year period of time. 

Even just another thousand is like writing yourself a check for $10,000 dollars that day. 

Also, according to a news survey, the average cost for the 2020–2021 school year was $41,411 at private colleges, $26,809 for out-of-state students at state schools, and $11,171 for state residents at public colleges. 

What was the cost of a single course?  Most likely between $1,500-$5,000. 

Did any of those classes teach them the most important aspect of getting started by landing a role and having a successful career?  It’s a rhetorical question because if on did you wouldn’t be considering this course.

Each course is self-paced and allows them to jump to any lesson in order to align with where they’re currently at in their job search. 

The lessons are concise to provide them with the Why, How, and What precisely they need to do to get the best results in the shortest amount of time

Depending upon their availability and sense of urgency they can complete the course lessons in 2.5 hours. 

Blueprints – Powerful Action Verbs, Elevator Background Pitch, Story Telling, Affirmations, Your Story, Confidence Building, Must Ask ?’s, Working with Recruiters, etc.

Checklists – Phone Interview Preparation, Video Interview Preparation, Onsite Interview Preparation, Body Language, etc.

Templates – Cover Letter’s, Resume’s, LinkedIn Profile, etc.

Plus we add new and relevant Blueprints, Checklists, and Templates regularly.

Without a doubt! 

Review through our results, success stories, and testimonials to see what others have to say. 

Working with a Career Coach means partnering with an expert who has YOUR LOVED ONES best interests in mind. 

I’m an experienced practitioner who helps them achieve their goals and get the results that they want.  As a result, they’ll have unlimited access to my knowledge and expertise regarding the strategies, tactics, and emotional support for executing their goals.

For their convenience, directly in the course they can purchase either an one-on-one coaching sessions with Nick.  

Have more questions?
Please email them to info(at)henningcoaching(dot)com

My Goal Is To Help 100,000+ Students and Recent Graduates
Land Their Role In 2021!

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