What Is An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Why Is It Important?
An applicant tracking system is otherwise known as an ATS.  Let’s briefly go over a definition of what it is and then also why it’s important to you as a job seeker.

What is an ATS?
An applicant tracking system is simply just a piece of software that organizations use as a resume repository and really it’s built to help save them time and money because it keeps all the applicants in one centralized location and it keeps the organization informed of where they’re at in the hiring process.

Why are Applicant Tracking Systems important?

Have you ever submitted your resume online and almost immediately get a rejection email?  Well that’s the applicant tracking system working as mentioned organizations use their applicant tracking systems or ATS to help save time and money, and one of the things that an applicant tracking system does is scans resume for organizations and it limits the number of individuals that an organization has to review through and a scary statistic is only three percent of resume submitted online are actually viewed by human eyes so it’s critically important that you have an applicant tracking system friendly resume!  

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