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Mike’s Success Story

Mike's Success Story

Mike struggled on his own for eight months getting few interviews and no offers, however after his coaching package he

landed a role within a month and half!

Mike knows how to sell Enterprise IT Solutions but was struggling to sell his background to employers.  He struggled on his own for eight months without success.  Then he decided to invest in himself and get expert help.  After his coaching package, he immediately started seeing fantastic results getting a lot of interviews.  He was then in the driver seat able to decide between his options for the next role in his career.

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Career Launch University is a cost affordable online job search and interview coaching platform.  The latest course now being offered is focused on how to conduct a successful job search within 60 days during the pandemic.  You’ll get a self-paced course with  35+ video lessons, 25+ blueprints, checklists, and templates, (2) One-on-One sessions, and so much more to ensure your success!

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