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The Unfair Advantage Interview Package

The Unfair Advantage Interview Package

You can spend countless weeks reading books, blogs, and articles on how to interview OR you can quickly get exactly what you need to interview with excellence in a matter of hours! With the Unfair Advantage Interview Package knowledge you’ll gain is based upon research, results from professional studies, and our 15+ years of experience participating in over 10,000 interviews.

Get ready to feel like you can fly through interviews with ease! 

After this package you will be able to:

  • Interview with CONFIDENCE and SHOW UP STRONG in any setting.
  • Set a POSITIVE tone right from the beginning of every interview.
  • Tell CAPTIVATING stories and answer questions CONCISELY. 
  • Ask the right questions to DODGE toxic bosses and cultures.
  • AVOID the not so common pitfalls that get you disqualified automatically.
  • Leave a LASTING IMPRESSION by knowing exactly what to do and say before, during, and after each interview to get an offer.
  • AND much more!

You’ll get (6) One-on-One 50 minute sessions including: 

  • Elevator Background Pitch
  • Confidence Building
  • Research before an Interview
  • Phone Interview
  • Onsite Interview
  • Traditional Q&A 

All this for only $995 (a 15% discount from purchasing individual sessions)

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