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Career & Interview Skills Assessment

Career & Interview

Skills Assessment


Read the ten statements below and rate how much you agree with them on a scale of 1-10.

(1 Completely Disagree and 10 Completely Agree)

1. I have well-defined strategies for both my career and job searches.

2. I have a high level of confidence, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness.

3. I have excellent Professional Branding - Resumes & LinkedIn profile.

4. I regularly get interviews with the companies and roles I want.

5. I have a strong network that refers me to several appropriate opportunities.

6. I set a positive tone for interviews with a great introductory statement.

7. I have superb interview skills, knowing precisely what to do and say.

8. I use body language to my advantage during interviews.

9. I get offers on every opportunity I interview on and want.

10. I negotiate every offer I receive and always get the best package possible.

Your Total Score:

Depending upon your total score, see the recommendations below:


You’re close to being an expert, so there is no need for coaching.


A session or two in areas that you scored below a 7.


Multiple sessions, Gold package, or Platinum Package.

Below 70:

Platinum or VIP package if you want to be competitive.

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