How to prepare for a video interview
I wanted to talk about Skype or video interviews and how to prepare properly. First I want you to do a dry run.   I want you to test out the audio, the camera as well as the lighting in the room so that way you can see how you’re coming across to the person conducting the
interview.  Unlike what I have behind me you want to be against a plain or white wall in the background so there isn’t anything that’s going to distract the person that’s conducting the interview.  Secondly, you want to make sure your environment is quiet.  You don’t want
to have any pets any kids or anything else in your interview space that’s going to distract you or the person conducting the interview.
Prepare your desktop/laptop
You should set up your laptop so it’s about eye level and you can look directly into the camera while smiling as you’re talking .  You can also put sticky notes around your laptop with the questions that you want to ask and be sure that you have a copy of your resume to the side as well as a pen and piece of paper to write down notes or any additional questions that you want to ask.
What to wear on a video interview
I recommend that you to be professionally dressed as you would be meeting somebody face to face.

Bonus Tips
Make sure to have a glass of water next to your desktop/laptop.  The worst thing to do is to become parched during an interview and have to excuse yourself to go get something to drink. Secondly, make sure that you have the interviewers direct number because if you get disconnected or the videoconferencing stops working you can continue to conduct the interview.  Finally, make sure that you’re looking directly into the camera, smiling and you’re prepared for your Skype or video interviews.

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