Continuing on the Sales Mindset Series – During the Interview


For this Tuesday tip, we are going to continue on the Sales Series and, more specifically, during the interview.  Which would be the equivalent of a sales meeting.  Now sales professionals know that when a potential client asks them a question, they need to be very tight and concise with their answers and make sure that they’re answering the question directly. 

The same applies for you in terms of your interview when being asked questions by the hiring authority.  Also, sales professionals describe the value and benefits of working with them.  It’s the same thing you can do is demonstrate to the hiring authority of how you’re going to help them sleep better at night. 

It comes down to the sales professional providing captivating stories and providing examples of when they’ve helped a client before in the past in a similar situation.  Again, where you’re demonstrating your qualification, your skillset, and what you have done before for a previous organization and how it’s relevant to the hiring authorities challenge or problem.

The last point is the best sales professionals ask fantastic questions.  They make sure they understand the entire situation in the environment that the client is in, so they can provide the best solution.  The same thing goes for yourself in terms of asking the best questions at the end of the interview to make sure that you’re getting a full perspective of what the role going to entail and is it truly an opportunity that you’re interested in and would be successful.

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